Digitaler LED Beleuchtungscontroller für die Industrielle Bildverarbeitung – Machine Vision.

  • Continuous light, flash mode and sequence mode
  • lumiSENS integrated
  • 1 µs light pulses with exact signal shape
  • 500 000 flashes per second
  • very small design
  • universally applicable - suitable for many LED lighting applications

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Product features

  • evotron lumiSENS® technology - intelligent LED lighting control
  • Digital LED current source with 12 bit resolution
  • Precise adjustment and monitoring of LED parameters
  • Plug & Play technology
  • High output power in continuous and flash mode
  • Small design, low heating due to high efficiency
  • Integrated trigger controller - freely programmable flash timing
  • flash times adjustable from 1µs - 86s in steps of 20ns
  • complete trigger sequences configurable with pre and post trigger times in 20ns increments
  • in combination with lumiSENS® technology complex sequences with segmented evotron illuminations adjustable
  • industrial trigger interface for synchronous IN and OUT trigger signals
  • trigger-OUT adjustable from 1µs - 86s in steps of 20ns
  • Trigger-OUT for synchronous triggering of the camera or other lighting controllers
  • OLED display for status indication
  • Simple menu-driven parameterization - digital reconfigurability
  • Exact, reproducibility of all LED parameters
  • Extensive diagnostic and protection functions
  • Easy installation with M8 & M12 standard cable
  • Flexible mounting options
  • W- LAN network communication 2.4GHz & 5GHz
  • Ready for Industry 4.0
  • Reliable integration into machine control systems via API interface


Precise control of the brightness of LED lighting for industrial image processing

  • LED lighting in continuous light and flash mode
  • 500 kHz flash frequency for line cameras and high-speed cameras
  • 1 μs light pulses guarantee sharp images for fast-moving objects
  • 250 ns trigger delay enables synchronous image acquisition
  • Very small size – ideal for retrofitting
  • Direct connection to usual camera interfaces
  • Optimized for LED lighting with evotronLight technology
  • Universal control of LED lighting from other manufacturers
  • Reliable integration in PLC machine controls


Mounting bracket for controller DCC24x on mounting rail 15mm or 35mm and for front panel mounting

Connection cable M12 - 5P, open end, robotic cable, length 2 m, UL approval

Connection cable M8 – 6P, open end, robotic cable, Length 1.0 m, UL-approved

Extension cable M8 - 4P, robotic cable, length 1.0 m, UL-approved