Robot Image Capture Tool for industrial image processing – Machine Vision.

  • Ready for use for all robots with ISO 9409–1 mounting plate
  • CMOS camera – 5 MPixel – monochrome – GigE interface
  • 4–sector power LED ring light – D=76 mm – red 655 nm
  • Digital LED controller – Industrial WLAN – I/​O robot interface
  • evotron lumiSENS technology

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Product features

  • Compact robot image capture tool for all robot arms with standardised mounting plate
  • 5 MPixel GigE camera with Sony CMOS sensor
  • Integrated digital LED controller with evotron lumiSENS® Technologie
  • Direct signal connection to the robot system interface
    – trigger and status messages
  • Trigger points for ring light and camera are freely programmable
    – Trigger resolution 20 ns
  • Flash times from 1 µs enable Image capturing and measurement during movement
  • Wireless configuration and remote maintenance via industrial WLAN interface
  • No additional power supply required
  • Quick and easy mounting – ISO 9409–1 robotic mounting plate


  • Inline measurement technology
  • Automation of test processes
  • Flexible adaptation to different test tasks


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