Telecentric power LED lighting

  • Industrial image processing
  • Machine vision

Lighting area
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23 mm x INF
LED light color
White 6700 K
Dispersion Angle
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Product features

  • Telecentric high-power LED lighting
  • Collimated, homogeneous light for precise measurement tasks
  • evotron lumiSENS® – technology with integrated Light Sensor Processor
    – Monitoring of lighting parameters
    – Autocalibration and brightness monitoring
    – LED temperature monitoring
    – High precision and long-term stability of the lighting parameters
  • High-speed flash mode with 1µs pulse duration
  • Continuous operation with high luminous power
  • Compact and robust design
  • Active reverse polarity protection
  • Integrated ESD protection
  • Quick and easy assembly – versatile assembly accessories
  • Connection with round plug M8 4-pin
  • Protection class IP67


  • For applications with high measurement accuracy requirements
  • Measurement of structures in very fast processes
  • Exact edge detection and defect detection


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