Power LED line lighting for industrial Machine Vision

Lighting area
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14 mm x 40 mm
LED light color
Blue 450 nm
Dispersion Angle
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Middle angle

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Product features


  • Incident lighting for line and matrix cameras
  • Measurement of semiconductor wafers and solar panels
  • Dark field illumination
  • Flash mode for measuring fast-moving objects
  • Continuous operation and high-speed flash mode with 1µs pulse duration
  • Small design – ideal for retrofitting


Connection cable M8 – open end, Robotic-Cable, length 1.0 m, UL-approved

Connection cable M8 – open end, Robotic-Cable, length 3.0 m, UL-approved

Mounting Set Swivel Bracket-L14, swivel range 180°

Extension cable M8 - 4P, Robotic cable, length 1.0 m, UL-approved

Not finding the right size or colour?

Other LED colours, wavelengths and beam angles are available on request.

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